Day 12. July 4, 2017


We are missing the Fourth of July fireworks and barbecues, but we had a great day today touring the Espírito Santo coffee plantation and the Else Kientzler Botanical Garden! 
We started off the day by singing the National Anthem on the bus to celebrate!
Coffee Tour:
The coffee tour included lots of fresh coffee samples and a demonstration using the chorreador to make the coffee. We also walked through the building where machines were used to roast and cool the beans. This process allowed for different flavors of coffee such as dark, medium, and light roast. We tried samples of freshly roasted beans and learned about the packaging process of the coffee beans. The tour ended with a trip to the gift shop where I bought some coffee to bring home to the U.S! 
Botanic Garden:
We started off the day by singing the National Anthem on the bus to celebrate the Fourth of July! 
After the coffee tour, we visited the Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens. Our tour guide led us through the gardens and taught us about the different trees and flowers. Although it was raining, we enjoyed exploring the different parts of the garden, including the stream. 
Soccer Game:
After the bus took us back to San Gerardo, all the students participated in a soccer game at the gimnasio! The hour long game went back and forth between the Costa Rican team and the American team; however, in the end the Costa Rican's won. Great game for everyone!!

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