Day two. June 24, 2017

On our first adventure, we took a trip to Isla Tortuga (turtle island) in Puntarenas. We took a 2 hour scenic bus ride to the boat.

On the boat there was dancing, music, a swimming pool, and an amazing view.

We got to try ceviche: a Latin American dish of raw seafood marinated with lime and fresh herbs. 

Then two hours later we arrived on Isla Tortuga!

There was snorkeling, banana boats, kayaks, music, great food, and was an overall beautiful island and day trip. For lunch we had fish and chicken with rice and a side salad along with rice pudding and some iced tea. The food was incredible and experience was incredible!

The ocean was an amazing turquoise and we saw hundreds of fish when snorkeling. 
Isla Tortuga was incredible. We can't wait to see what else Costa Rica has in store. 

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