Day three. June 25, 2017

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Day 3 In Costa Rica, It was a family day! Today we decided to go to Irazú Volcano! It was so pretty even for a volcano that was disastrous a short 50 years ago. It was about two hours away from our house but the wait to get into the park was very long. Once we arrived we walked over to the main crater of the volcano which was pretty far down. A few other girls arrived to meet us a little bit after we got there. The most cool part about being up there was that we were literally walking through clouds! After walking around with the other exchange students and there families we all decided to go to Sanatorio Durán, an abandoned hospital that was made to treat tuberculosis. The history of it is: it was a great place to go get treated for tuberculosis but when the disease was no longer in the country all the people (nurses, doctors etc) left it and now people go and walk around. Warning! If you go at night you might see ghosts (luckily we went during the day). After we were done there we all went out to dinner at Brumas de Mi Tierra. I got Pechuga mi tierra which was chicken with cheese, beans, pico de gallo, and platano maduro. It was very good, very traditional Costa Rican food. Overall it was a great day with lots of great sights and memories!

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